Rockin J Reawakenings
Veterans Center & Ranch

What We Do


Service Dogs

Reawakenings will work with dogs as emotional service animals and as service dogs.  We will help our clients find the right animal for them, either through purchase or rescue, or help them train their own loved pet to do the job for them.  We have access to trainers and are looking into expanding as either our own training facility or a satellite location for another quality facility.

Veterans.  Families.  Youth.

We have regular, monthly early evening meetings, open to anyone interested in the programs or looking for assistance.  We also have regular, monthly Saturday Bar-B-Qs.  In the future, we plan to have overnight trail rides/camping trips for vets and their families to help them get back together and realign themselves.  We also plan to do this for Veterans Groups and youth groups.  Currently, everyone is welcome at the our facility to better themselves.  Our director, Mark Kasehagen is also a certified VSO.  

Equine Therapy

We have a varied group of horses for our clients to ride, handle and care for, as well as trainers to help them further their skills.  This program includes the ability to train our clients to be horse-trainers themselves.  We hope to lessen the number of unskilled horses while improving the lives of those around them.  The basis of our program starts with ground-work and learning how a horse thinks and how by being able to guide it in the right directions, one foot at a time, both the horse and their handler can overcome anything.


Reawakenings is instituting a "Step-Up" program where homeless and down-on-their luck veterans can get a room, a meal and training to help them get a job.  This will include helping provide appropriate interview attire, resume' writing and interview skills, and if necessary, teach them a trade.  

Productive Equi-Citizenship

Reawakenings newest program involves those horses who have fallen through the cracks.  Senselessly slaughter-bound, unhandled, untouched, sour, green-broke and never finished, senior equines who have outlived their purpose but still have a usefulness.  We are accepting these horses into our program and giving them a purpose.  While "rehabbing" them, we are also helping our clients to see that there is a much bigger picture than what is right in front of you.